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Does An Acura Require Premium Gas?

2022 Acura MDX grille

Many Waterloo drivers are under the assumption that luxury models, such as Acura, all require premium gas. However, for those asking, “Do all Acuras require premium gas?” Simply put, no they do not! According to Acura, the Acura NSX requires premium gas. For models like the RDX, MDX, TLX, RLX, and ILX, premium gas is recommended. So, does Acura require premium gas? Only some models, not all — our service department recommends using higher octane gas in Acura for a few reasons.

Premium vs. Regular Gas: What’s the Difference?

If you’re pumping your gas in near the Cedar Rapids area, you’ll notice the main difference between premium and regular gas is the octane level. The octane levels differ across fuel types. Regular gas has the lowest octane rating while premium gas has a higher octane rating. Below are the octane ratings:

  • Regular: 87 octane
  • Midrange: 88 to 90 octane
  • Premium: 91 to 94 octane

When there is a higher octane level, there’s a lower risk that combustion can occur at any time other than when it’s technically supposed to. This situation is known as pre-ignition or you’ll hear a knocking noise in your engine as you cruise around the Des Moines area. Another major difference between regular gas and premium gas are the prices. Premium gas is typically more expensive than midrange or regular gas prices. However, you’ll save yourself money in the long run if you put in the recommended gas type to increase performance and the health of your vehicle to avoid any possible damage in the future.

Why Use Premium Gas?

Just like Acura models above, there are many new vehicles that have knock sensors to prevent pre-ignition. Many luxury vehicles can run on regular gas or lower-octane ratings but the performance will not be as great without premium gas. Many of the SUV’s are equipped with supercharged or turbocharged engines which means they use a higher compression ratio. So, does Acura require premium gas? No, but higher octane ratings or premium fuel will give Acura models better performance overall.

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Now that we’ve answered your question, “Do all Acuras require premium gas?” Be to contact us and contact our service department with any particular questions regarding your fuel. You can also read our other service tips with our team!

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