Do Not Let Weather Make You Lose Control

Your tires have an impact on how well you control your vehicle. Proper tires for the conditions you drive in are a necessity. Here at Acura of Johnston we do not want to see you and your car get into a tough situation.

All-season tires will get you moving down the road. They handle well in light accumulation, but switch them out for tires built for the seasons.

When the snow comes down heavy where you travel, you will thank us for those winter treads. Winter tires stay flexible in cold temperatures. This will allow the thick tread to keep traction.

Many people remember to switch out their tires for the winter. During the summer months, it is more likely to slip your mind.

Summer tires will help you control your vehicle when it rains or in dry conditions.

Do not let weather make you lose control. Drive on over to our parts team so we can get you the tires you need.

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