Brake Pads - What Kind Do You Need?

Brake pads are one of the lesser expensive automotive parts yet are very vital for your vehicle. It’s important to always have good brake pads on your vehicle. Give us a call at Acura of Johnston or stop in and talk to our technicians if you think your brakes may need servicing.

Brake pads are an important part of our car’s brake system. Located between the rotor and caliper pistons, they prevent friction every time you step on the brake. It’s important that you get brake pads that are not only designed specifically for your car but also for the type of driving you do.

Waiting too long to replace your brake pads cannot only be dangerous but can also result in damage to the calipers and rotors, resulting in a much higher service bill. Stop or call for a service appointment in Johnston and let our experts give your brakes a quick inspection.

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