Preparing to Drive Safely in the Rain

Driving in heavy rain can be scary even for the most experienced drivers. The more time you put into preparing your vehicle for rainy conditions, the more at ease you will be when driving. There are simple things you can do, such as checking tire pressure, tire tread, headlights and windshield wipers.

Once you are on the road in wet conditions, you should make sure that you are focused on the direction you want to be driving in. Looking around to avoid other objects can cause your car to swerve unexpectedly. Also, get out of cruise control mode so that you are in total control of your vehicle. Your risk of accident reduces greatly when you are driving at lower speeds. Be sure to always keep your headlights on in the rain so that your car can be seen by other drivers.

Acura of Johnston will make sure your car is serviced for all driving conditions.



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