DIY Headlight Restoration Tips with Household Items

The crew here at Acura of Johnston want to show you how to save money restoring the headlights on your vehicle using everyday household items.

Take your tube of toothpaste and place a small dab on each headlight. Now use a moist cloth and rub in circular motions until you begin to see the lens clear. Remove any excess toothpaste with another cloth and you should not have to repeat the process for months.

Another household item that will help to clear the lens on your headlight is bug spray. The bug spray must contain DEET, in order for it to clean the fog. Place the bug spray on the rag first, then rub into the headlight in circular motions. Use a clean cloth to remove all the bug spray residue.

When your vehicle is in need of accessories like new headlights, visit Acura of Johnston so we can help get you all the parts you'll need.



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