The Connection Between Braking and Hydroplaning

It is common wisdom that hitting the brakes will cause more problems than it will solve if the car is hydroplaning. Yet brakes are critical to preventing hydroplaning in the first place. That's because today's traction controls use brake distribution to determine which tires are holding the pavement. Then the electronic control system directs braking just to that wheel or wheels.

Preventing a hydroplane situation in Johnston starts with maintaining the car's brakes. Brake pads should be replaced according to manufacturer mileage limits. If done on time, the rotors won't get a chance to wear down. Car owners should pay close attention to their tires as well. Worn-out tread, whether it's one bald spot or the whole tire, can't grip the road in wet weather.

Avoiding collisions often starts with good maintenance. Learn more at the Acura of Johnston service department.

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