Myths Related to Motor Oil

We publish our blog to help you make better service decisions. Frequently, we encounter motor oil-related myths, so let's address a couple of those now.

Some folks believe that you can change your motor oil and reuse your oil filter. This myth can damage your car. Filters trap oil contaminants, and you do not want any of those to dislodge, ruining your clean oil and, potentially, your engine.

Another myth states that black oil requires an immediate oil change. In fact, motor oil must lubricate and clean engines, so new oil darkens long before you reach your next oil change. Change your oil and filter based upon mileage intervals provided in your owner's manual.

To talk with us about other oil myths, visit Acura of Johnston. At our convenient, comfortable Johnston, IA dealership and service center, our certified technicians would love to answer your questions and service your car.

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