Protect Your Car From Rodents With These Techniques

You spend a lot of time and money ensuring that your vehicle is running at tip-top shape, and it's a shame when rodents make their new nests under the roof of your car. A single mouse or rat can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, and they can even make your car unsafe to drive. Here are a couple of ways to deter rats.

There's a tape that deters rodents, and it looks like electrical tape and is infused with capsaicin, which is an ultra-hot spice. Put in around electrical wiring and rodents will think twice about chewing through the wires.

You can also open the hood. Although this seems counterintuitive, rodents typically enter through the underneath of the vehicle. Consequently, you're not keeping them out by lowering the hood. But leaving the hood open actually makes the area less inviting because it isn't as cozy of a shelter with the hood up.



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