Obeying the Rules of the Road can Save Cyclist Lives

When drivers leave their houses for road trips, one of the main goals of such vehicle operators is to get home safe and sound. Unfortunately, many drivers end up getting into preventable and sometimes fatal accidents with other vehicles and bicyclists. Thankfully, drivers who apply a few simple common-sense driving rules can lower the odds of such tragic events.

It can be easy for drivers like you to get into the habit of looking only for other cars as you drive. That said, vehicle drivers must share the roadways and sidewalks with many people on foot or on conveyances such as bicycles. As such, vehicle drivers should obey simple and common-sense rules such as coming to complete stops before making right turns on red lights. By doing so, drivers can gain extra seconds of perception time and also transmit their intentions to other individuals.

Vehicle drivers should also be aware of some common cyclist habits such as making use of sidewalks for transportation purposes. Drivers who make themselves aware of such common cyclist moves can take preventive actions such as always looking for cyclists on sidewalks before making right turns.



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