Debadging Your Vehicle

When renovating a car, truck or SUV, owners may choose the remove the manufacturer's badge. The process is not difficult. However, certain steps prevent extensive damage. If adhesive holds the badge in place, DIY enthusiasts will not have a problem. However, models having badges attached using metal or plastic clips may want to consult a professional.

The first step in removing a badge attached by an adhesive involves weakening the bond of the glue. Pour hot but not boiling water over the badge. Commercial adhesive removal sprays are also available. A hair dryer on a top setting is another option.

After using the method of choice, try wiggling the badge to test adhesive weakness. Use a plastic wedge underneath the icon to further loosen the badge. Sliding dental floss beneath the badge also works well without risking paint damage. After removing the badge, finish removing any remaining adhesive. Wash, dry and wax the area.



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