What is a Backup Camera?

For cars purchased after 2015, the rearview camera became a necessity. Many auto manufacturers started to include this sensor camera standard due to changes in the law that would require it by 2018. As such, there are many car manufacturers that have added on to their vehicle's safety ratings just by including these cameras.

Back in early 2000s, backup cameras were not as popular. Today, they are installed with every vehicle because they have been shown to decrease pedestrian injuries and parking lot accidents. With parking assist guides and other sensors, it's easy to follow the guides as you reverse, and you have a clear view of everything in the back of your vehicle.

There are other sensors available now as well, including blind spot monitoring and lane departure assist. These can help you stay out of harm's way on busy highways and in dense traffic conditions. Want to see other driver assistance features? Stop by for a test drive at Acura of Johnston.



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