Some drivers dread being on the road after dark. In addition to difficulty in seeing the road ahead, the bright headlights from drivers following behind can add to the visibility issues by causing temporary blindness. Not only are bright lights annoying, they can delay a driver's response time as their eyes adjust to the dark after seeing bright light.

Intent on eliminating this hazard, modern cars feature rearview mirrors that dim themselves in response to bright lights. A clear gel sitting between two pieces of glass in the mirror is invisible under ordinary conditions. When it encounters bright light, the mirror sends an electrical charge through the gel, triggering a chemical reaction that darkens the gel. Similar to a pair of sunglasses blocking bright sunshine, this darkened gel still allows the driver to see images in the rearview mirror, but doesn't reflect the full brightness of the light into a driver's eyes.

Explore auto-dimming technology firsthand when you test drive one of our vehicles at Acura of Johnston.



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