There are many types of tires around today, but summer tires and all-season tires are the two most popular tire choices. Our professionals at Acura of Johnston want you to be as informed as possible when it’s time to purchase new tires. The choice between all-season tires and summer tires depends on many factors, including weather, road conditions and driving habits.

Summer Tires:
• Are known for great performance
• Provides excellent cornering, braking and acceleration
• Do better in rain
• Do better in heat
• Do not offer traction in winter
• Performs best in temperatures above 44 degrees
• Offers better fuel economy
• Work best on high-performance vehicles

All-Season Tires:
• Offer more traction
• Do well in the snow
• Have a good tread life
• Perform better in colder temperatures
• Can cause fuel economy to decrease
• Work best on SUVs, cars, light trucks and CUVs

Don’t wait until you actually need new tires to know what kind your vehicle needs and where they can be purchased. Pay us a visit at our Acura of Johnston showroom. We’ll be happy to service your vehicle.


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