Touch up Your Paint Job Like a Pro

Here are a few good pointers for touching up the paint on your vehicle. Because at Acura of Johnston we want you to be an educated vehicle owner. Let's start with the basics:

Clean the Surface

When painting you must clean the desired area to get rid of any dirt that could ruin the touch up.

Lightly Sand Area

Use 220 grit sandpaper for light scratches and 600 grit or above on heavy scratches; sand the surface down minimally to create the perfect bonding surface.

Apply the Paint

?Once you have a clean and sanded area you can dab on some of the touch-up paint with a small paintbrush or matchstick. Be sure you are using the right paint by locating the paint code on the VIN of the vehicle. Visit us at Acura of Johnston for all of your service needs. We'll be happy to touch up your paint job.


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