Motor oil keeps your engine lubricated and clean, helping it run smoothly in all kinds of weather. To do this, motor oil must have a range of viscosity that's not too thick in winter and not too thin in summer. Viscosity ratings provide this information about each kind of motor oil available on the shelf.

The Basics of Ratings

You've seen and probably purchased the standard 10W-30 motor oil on numerous occasions. The "W" stands for winter, denoting cold. The first number indicates a viscosity of 10 at any time the engine is cold and 30 when the engine is hot. There are upwards of 10 separate viscosity ratings used in North America.

How do You Pick the Right Motor Oil?

If in doubt, go with the standard 10W-30. Specifics about the best motor oil for your ride are enclosed in your owner's manual. A seasoned technician at our Acura of Johnston service department can also determine which motor oil is optimal for your engine.

We recommend an oil change at least every three months. Schedule an appointment at our Johnston dealership service department today.


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