Are you up for the task of dealing with a roadside emergency? Answer truthfully long before an unfortunate situation plays out. Cars do suffer from flat tires and mechanical failures. That’s one reason why it’s best to have a vehicle routinely inspected.

Even a relatively simple multi-point inspection could uncover problems. Correcting issues with, say, the lights could improve driving at night. Eliminate problems in advance and reduce the chance of a disaster. Some emergencies may be avoidable.

No matter how much you prepare, however, an emergency may occur. If, for example, you suffered a flat tire, could you change it? Yes, calling a tow truck would be optimal. Just in case, learn the right way to use a tire jack and change a flat.

Make sure your car is always in the best shape possible. Contact Acura of Johnston and asked to be transferred to the service department to set up an appointment.


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